2014 in music

I was a terrible blogger this year. No reviews, no articles, just one post about an album’s anniversary. I didn’t even finish this in time to post it before going out of town for New Years Eve. Oh well, it’s been a crazy year. Here’s a brief run-down of some of my favorite musical moments from 2014.

tl;dr version: My favorite albums of the year were A Thousand Surfaces by Hard Girls and Never Hungover Again by Joyce Manor.

A Thousand SurfacesNever Hungover Again

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Xmas songs no. 16: Mariachi El Bronx – “Lady Rosales”

Lady RosalesHere’s something a bit different. This one is from Mariachi El Bronx, the mariachi alter-egos of L.A. rockers The Bronx. You can read my review of The Bronx’s latest album here. They released “Lady Rosales” as a holiday single in 2009, a few months after the release of their first mariachi album.

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