Xmas songs no. 16: Mariachi El Bronx – “Lady Rosales”

Lady RosalesHere’s something a bit different. This one is from Mariachi El Bronx, the mariachi alter-egos of L.A. rockers The Bronx. You can read my review of The Bronx’s latest album here. They released “Lady Rosales” as a holiday single in 2009, a few months after the release of their first mariachi album.

On Christmas Eve
She woke up in silence and packed up her things
And later that night
She stormed out in tears after picking a fight

Every Christmas Eve I end up dreaming she’ll kiss me awake
But when morning comes I’m just a fool who repeats his mistakes
And in the years since she left me my wish list has remained the same
If I can’t have her back, please allow me to forget her name

On Christmas Day
I’m reminded of love that I squandered away
And on through the night
I leave on the light


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