Xmas songs no. 31: The Lawrence Arms – “100 Resolutions”

Present Day MemoriesThis is, hands down, my favorite song about New Year’s. It’s from a split CD between The Lawrence Arms and The Chinkees (a ska-punk band from San Francisco fronted by Mike Park of Asian Man Records), called Present Day Memories. It was released in 2001, and TLA later included all their tracks from it on their rarities collection Cocktails & Dreams (2005). It’s a Chris McCaughan song, and his lyrics… that line “I’ve got 100 resolutions, but I’ve got no solutions / I’ve got one song I write 100 times, and only a dozen or so rhymes”, that shit hits home, man.

Speaking of The Lawrence Arms, on January 28th they’re releasing their sixth studio album, Metropole. It’ll be their first studio album in eight years. Who wants to go see them with me February 15th at the Casbah?

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Xmas songs no. 30: Death Cab for Cutie – “The New Year”

TransatlanticismA pretty obvious choice. From 2003’s Transatlanticism, the only Death Cab album I own and the one that seems to have struck a chord with most people my age. Sort of their breakthrough, in that it was their first album to chart and go gold which led to them getting signed to a major label. Anyway, the opening line in this song “So this is the new year, and I don’t feel any different” rather concisely encapsulates a feeling of stagnation and ennui that I think is common to a lot of us. It hits home for me, anyway.

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Xmas songs no. 27: Further Seems Forever – “New Year’s Project”

The Moon Is DownI’m going to finish out the month with a string of songs about New Year’s Eve/Day. This one comes from Further Seems Forever’s debut album, The Moon Is Down (2001). Singer Chris Carrabba left after that album to start Dashboard Confessional, and the band went through two more singers on their two subsequent records, then broke up in ’06. 2012 brought about a reunion of the original lineup and a new album, Penny Black, which I reviewed last year.

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Xmas songs no. 25: MxPx – “Christmas Day”

Christmas DayIt’s Christmas Day! Here’s a song about it. Every year since 1998, MxPx has recorded an original Christmas song for their fan club (known as PxPx, the Pokinatcha Punx). The first 6 were released as CD singles mailed to fan club members, but since 2005 they’ve been distributed digitally. I’ve been an on-and-off PxPx member for years and received a lot of these songs. In 2009 the band put out Punk Rawk Christmas, collecting all their Christmas singles up to that point along with a couple new ones for general release. “Christmas Day” was the very first of these special holiday singles, released in ’98 during my first year of college.

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