2014 in music

I was a terrible blogger this year. No reviews, no articles, just one post about an album’s anniversary. I didn’t even finish this in time to post it before going out of town for New Years Eve. Oh well, it’s been a crazy year. Here’s a brief run-down of some of my favorite musical moments from 2014.

tl;dr version: My favorite albums of the year were A Thousand Surfaces by Hard Girls and Never Hungover Again by Joyce Manor.

A Thousand SurfacesNever Hungover Again

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Xmas songs no. 4: Weezer – “Christmas Celebration”

Christmas CDWeezer has done a handful of holiday tunes, including the 2008 EP Christmas with Weezer consisting of their takes on eight traditional songs. Before that, though, there was the Christmas CD featuring two originals, “The Christmas Song” and “Christmas Celebration”. Not available for sale, but sent out to radio stations and to members of the band’s fan club for the 2000 holiday season, it was Weezer’s first new music since a hiatus that had followed the poor sales and reception of 1996’s Pinkerton. The back cover promised a “new album in stores Spring 2001”; that would be the green album, which revived interest in the band and catapulted them to a success they haven’t much slowed down from since.

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