Avengers: Infinity War primer

thanos gauntletWith Avengers: Infinity War just over a month away, here’s a primer on the big bad, Thanos, and those Infinity Stones he’s after. You need not be a comic book reader, or even have seen all the Marvel films, to get caught up.

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Pete’s best of 2013

For your consideration, here are the music, movies, games, and experiences that stood out for me in 2013.

busch gardens
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Pete’s best of 2012

Music, movies, games, events, and other assorted nerdery. These are the things that made my year in 2012, in no particular order.

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Go see Lincoln.

LincolnNo, not the one where he fights vampires. I’m not even giving that one the time of day. The one that comes out in 2 weeks and stars Daniel Day-Lewis. Go see it. I was able to go to an advance screening last week and lemme tell ya, it’s great.

The film follows the last 4 months of Lincoln’s life, when he was struggling to get the 13th Amendment approved by the House of Representatives in order to end slavery, while simultaneously trying to end the Civil War. It really captures not only the struggle he went through to get the 2/3 majority needed to pass the amendment, but also the incredible dilemma he faced in pushing to end slavery: He had a chance to end the war before the vote on the amendment, which could have saved thousands of soldiers’ lives, but had to weigh this against the opportunity to free millions of slaves living in bondage. Daniel Day-Lewis portrays this excellently, really bringing to life the difficult moral decisions Lincoln had to make during these days.

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