The Bouncing Souls / The Menzingers – split

The Bouncing Souls and The Menzingers cover each other, and each deliver a new song, on this fun, melodic split.

Released Nov. 5th on Chunksaah Records

The bromance between The Bouncing Souls began and The Menzingers began when they toured together in summer 2012, both promoting their then-new albums (Comet and On the Impossible Pastrespectively). I caught that tour, and both albums ended up in my top 10 last year, so I was definitely looking forward to this split where each band offers up a new tune and a cover of one of the other band’s songs. The EP doesn’t disappoint, with both bands delivering excellent poppy punk numbers.

The Bouncing Souls’ side is very much in keeping with the tone of Comet. Their original, “Blackout”, is full of all the elements you’d expect from them: bouncy bass lines, “whoa-oah” gang vocals, and a big singalong chorus. Their cover of “Burn After Writing” plays it pretty close to the original, but sounds heavier. Greg Attonito invests a lot of character and range into his vocals, a point of distinction on this version from The Menzingers’ gruffer singing.

On their side, The Menzingers deliver an excellent new song in “The Shakes”, a melodic booze-soaked number that owes some clear inspiration to The Replacements. It’s as good as, maybe even a tad better than, the material on On the Impossible Past which was already excellent. Their cover of “Kate Is Great” maintains the fun and bounce of the original, and even works in an instantly recognizable segment of “Gone”.

All in all, this split is a bunch of bouncy, melodic fun, with both bands delivering strong new tunes and well-executed covers. A great release to tide fans over.



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