Conversations Between meep[zine] Founders

Our beloved Pete is out on the scene at the Rocket From The Crypt show in Long Beach tonight, but like the true friend he is, he sent me a few texts:

All true! This is seriously how the masterminds behind this blog work.


I Don’t Deserve This…

Ever since I was a teenager with angst brewing inside my tiny body, I have loved The Alkaline Trio. Before I ever had a sip of alcohol, I sang every word to these, as Peter so aptly puts it, “alcohol induced love songs”. There hasn’t been a tour I haven’t seen since 2005. And I doubt there ever will be. Seeing them last night for the whatever-th time was as fulfilling and cathartic as the first time. Screaming my face off and soaked in sweat, it felt like falling drunkenly in love all over again. And when Skiba gave props across a sea of fans to Peter wearing his Rocket From The Crypt shirt, I could not have been more proud.

I don’t deserve this sort of reliance, this unconditional acceptance. I have never had a Trio show I didn’t like. Every show I leave feeling slightly depressed though, worried about my next fix. This could be love.

Skiba Knows Best? That Can’t Be Right…

Every time I hear a new Matt Skiba Alkaline Trio track, I give him shifty eyes, unsure that what he’s giving me is good. But with this “Wanna be a Warhol” track, the more I listen to it, the more I like it: I feel like he’s making me try another bite, as if Skiba knows what’s best for me…

Young Avengers Makes Me Feel Like I Can Like Superheroes, Too!


Art by Jamie McKelvie for Young Avengers

The saddest thing that ever happened to me was Phonogram ending. Okay, maybe that was a heavy exaggeration. It definitely made me lose interest in comics though. Phonogram just spoke to me on so many levels. I felt like it was written just for me. The concept of music actually giving these Phonomancers power just seemed like something real. I’ve been at clubs, heard my song play, and feel transformed into some sort of superhero. I never found anything quite so perfect for me in a comic, and I doubt I ever will.

Do not confuse my adoration for that comic as a bar set too high for other comics to even come close to. I understand that I won’t ever find anything like Phonogram. I don’t have to because it already exists in my world and has a very special place forever in my heart. On the other hand I felt like the superhero comics were so long running that I couldn’t really start at the top. Much like people foreign to Doctor Who feel when they realize just how long the series is. Do I really want to watch twenty something seasons of this just to figure out what my friends are talking about? But then someone tells you to start at the beginning of the reboot and it’s not so intimidating. That sense of relief is how I felt when I heard the Young Avengers was starting, but that wasn’t the big selling point. It was Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie working together again, from the beginning, on a new series.

I have been a fan of both since I met them at 2006 Comic Con. Phonogram wasn’t even out yet, but as I stood there in my homemade Jarvis Cocker tee, they told me about the premise and I was immediately sold. I still have those teaser flyers somewhere in my room. I read McKelvie’s Suburban Glamour and have loved his modern type style. Clean, bold lines and so much expression. Precise and perfect. I just stared reading Journey Into Mystery, written by Gillen, and the way he’s written Loki makes me so, so happy. I feel kinda creepy pseudo-crushing on a teenage Loki. Feels dirty.

I know nothing about who is in the Young Avengers, other than Loki, who is pretty much my favorite fictional character ever, next to Kate Kane as Batwoman. A handful of characters are mildly introduced, and at least three different plots are harboring intrigue. I finished it immediately wanting more. I feel like it’s superhero comics for the modern era, giving more to the audience that might be intimidated by the years of legacy behind these characters. Granted, I am familiar with Batman, Batwoman, and a few other heroes in comics, but not to the extent that I can comfortably say “yes, I read superhero comics”. I dabble in them. However, this comic gives me what I’ve needed to really get into them; a fresh start, and a familiar perspective. I know it will not disappoint and I’m eager to keep reading.

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Team Venture at SDCC 2012

Photo by Peter Girard

Doc and Jackson at the Venture Bros Panel, 2012.

The Venture Bros panel took place inside the Hilton Bayfront Hotel outside the convention center on Friday morning, 11 am. Lucky for me, I had stayed in the exact same hotel the night before, so I was given the luxury of rolling out of bed at 10:30 and still managing to get a decent seat. I should note that Pete had been there earlier, waited in line for the both of us, and I totally mooched a seat off him.

The panel was Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick just talking at us for about 5 minutes and then answering questions for the next 25. The show is currently in production and hasn’t been on air since 2010, unless you count the Shallow Gravy video special which aired in 2011. If you doubt me, check the history of episodes aired here. The panel audience was full of VB cosplayers and fans, so the show doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum between seasons.

Photo by Peter Girard

Go Team Venture!

Now for the main juicy tidbits! There is a promise of a Halloween special coming up this October. It won’t be the start of the actual season though. They are signed on to do season 5 and 6, with season 5 currently in production and the scripts for season 6 already beginning to be written. They seemed to have season 6 all planned out, but of course offered no spoilers. Which reminds me, why do people always ask spoiler-related questions at panels? Especially ones that are infamous for never giving anything away? It’s a wasted question! Although it does bring up interesting banter in response, such as Doc and Jackson claiming Dr.Girlfriend was killed off screen in a very descriptive, to the point of disturbing, sequence which involved a lot of blood, a dart, and a punctured trachea.

They showed us a reel of storyboards dressed up and edited in Doc Hammer’s unique fashion. The material was ridiculously hilarious, including pop culture references such as Game of Thrones, Clash of the Titans, The Crow and Rocky IV. They also noted that there would be an hour long special between seasons 5 and 6. As for the usual and expected random conversation, Doc briefly talked about his penis before recollecting the interesting and enjoyable experience of sitting on a swing sideways. Jackson and Doc, relieved by our acceptance of just storyboards and sound, joked that perhaps they should just release that and save the money they would use for production on a summer home in the Hamptons. None of us would be invited.

meep does San Diego Comic Con 2012

I’m sure by now if you’re interested in SDCC you probably have gotten a nice fill of it from other blogs and such. That takes some pressure off me, since I doubt I have much more to bring to the table in regards to it. There are some things I’d like to mention, things that I felt made SDCC 2012 a little bit different from the years I had been before.

There were a ton, A TON, of pretty girls dressed as Loki. However, I only saw one guy and to be honest, the hot chicks pretty much trounced him. Seriously, these chicks were outstanding! Here’s a picture of my personal favorite:

Perhaps the hottest lady Loki I’ve ever seen. And I have no idea what her friend was dressed like. I guess I lose some nerd cred there.

I would also like to mention how awesome it was to see a drag Harley Quinn next to Batwoman! I just finished reading Batwoman Elegy on the plane ride down to San Diego and without going too far off the deep end with rants of it’s brilliance, let’s just say that Batwoman is now the number one super hero in my heart these days. I was so excited to see someone cosplay as her! And with a Harley close by?! I have a feeling if we had more time, we would all be best friends right now.

Photo by Teri London

These are my two favorite comic characters right now. And they were walking the floor together! Meant to be.

There were also a lot of Zatannas, girl Doctor Whos, and pretty much 85% of the con floor was either dressed as Finn from Adventure Time or at least had his little hat on. I’m sorry to say, but if you thought you and your friends were the only ones to see the wonderment of that show, you were very wrong.

Another thing I’d like to note: Though many people perhaps did not recognize or care about my Sisters of Mercy shirt that I wore on the floor Friday, those that did had to stop me, tell me how great my shirt was, and then immediately tell me the last time they saw Sisters in concert. NO JOKE. I had at least five people do this to me, and even one of them was at an Adult Swim party where you’d think people would be less likely to nerd out over a goth band shirt. It was great to know that even my gothiness was appreciated at Comic Con.

I only went to one panel, big event, and after-party. Pretty much everything else was walking the floor, meeting up with friends and eating a lot. I have to admit that a lot of my SDCC experience was meant more for a vacation than anything else.

More to come!

– X.