Best Coast – Fade Away

Fade Away
Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno return with a catchy 7-song mini-album musing on the uncertainties of adulthood.

Released Oct. 22nd on Jewel City Records

I really enjoyed Best Coast’s 2012 album The Only Place, and the new Fade Away EP is an extension of the same shimmery indie pop sound. Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno have another winning record here, and this time Cosentino sounds more confident in both the vocal and lyrical departments. She’s open about her own uncertainties, singing lines like “When did I wake up and suddenly my soul had grown so old?”. It sounds like a downer, but she and Bruno set these sentiments to tight, bouncy guitar pop on numbers like “This Lonely Morning” and “Who Have I Become?”, making them instantly catchy.

The final three tracks are more ballad-like, drawing more attention to Cosentino’s introspections. “Baby I’m Crying” and “I Don’t Know How” come off as heart-wrenchers, but in a sweet and infectious way. There’s a  Jenny Lewis-esque quality to her lyrics, as she expresses confusion and unease while musing about love and mid-20s aimlessness. She’s able to distill many of these feelings down to very basic phrasings like “Who have I become?” and “I don’t know how”. This can come off as simplistic, but it’s more like focused.

Fade Away is an improvement over The Only Place, a record that was already incredibly catchy. At 7 songs, it gets its hooks in without getting too repetitive. A fine release from this indie pop duo and hopefully an indicator of more strong ones to come.



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