The Hell – Southern Medicine

Southern Medicine
Matt Skiba and Atom Willard return, assisted by Pat Smear this time, for a second EP of loose, garage-y punk tunes.

Released Oct. 8th independently

The second EP by the collaboration of Matt Skiba and Atom Willard isn’t much different from their first (which I reviewed last year), but that’s not a bad thing. It’s got the same rough, garage-y punk feel with fuzzy riffs, raw vocals, and colorful drumming. This time around the duo are joined by Pat Smear (Germs, Nirvana) on bass and baritone guitars, and he makes his presence known, particularly on the chunky bass riffs of “Emerald” and the sinister baritone swirl of “Transients”.

The closing title track is the longest song at just under 3 minutes and is carried by a similarly chunky bassline and buzzing guitars, but at a slower tempo that gives it a dark feel. For me the winner here is opener “Singles Night”, the one track that is truly catchy and invites singalongs in its closing chorus. The EP as a whole has the same loose, fun, unpolished vibe of its predecessor, and is worth checking out for fans of Skiba’s other works.


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