Xmas songs no. 5: Dashboard Confessional – “The Only Gift That I Need”

Fo' Shizzle St. NizzleSince today’s review was a Chris Carrabba project, I decided to go with one of his other acts for today’s holiday song. This song came out on a Christmas compilation put out by Kevin & Bean, the morning show guys on KROQ in L.A. They’ve done many of these over the years, and often get the artists involved to supply new or exclusive songs. The 2002 installment was called Fo’ Shizzle St. Nizzle and included this Dashboard Confessional tune alongside other popular acts of the day including Good Charlotte, Rancid, Jack Johnson, The Used, Coldplay, and Something Corporate. I’ll almost certainly be using more songs from the Kevin & Bean comps as the month progresses.

You’ll be leaving for the winter, well I’ll concede that it’s true
It’s the right thing for you, but it’s tough to be moved
By the holiday spirit when, to tell you the truth
I had big plans for Christmas and high hopes for you

I want you here by my side
Cold nights and fires and white wine
And dreams of holidays to come
But I’ll wait for spring to bring you to me
Only gift that I need

I’ll be living off your phone calls, in your letters and your postcards
Every single word is like a secret wish come true
And who cares if we’re apart for the big days?
It’s the small ones that made me fall in love with you


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