Xmas songs no. 2: Masked Intruder – “Under the Mistletoe”

Under the MistletoeMasked Intruder are one of my favorite new bands I came across this year. They’re a gimmick band, in that they all wear colored ski masks and pretend to be criminals, and their songs are all from an “I love you even though you have no idea who I am and are really creeped out that I broke into your house to sing you this song” perspective. But their songs are just perfect pop punk gems, so catchy and instantly singable. I should really review their album. Anyway, I saw them on the Fat Wreck Chords tour last night opening for Anti-Flag and Less Than Jake, and I picked up this new Christmas 7″ of theirs.

Under the mistletoe I waited, all alone
Waiting for you to come home and fork over all your kisses
I guess I should have known, baby, that you’d never show
I hung my head down low and cried as it snowed this Christmas

Maybe you were on vacation visiting your family
Or out on the beach soaking up the sun way down in Waikiki
One thing I know for sure is that you weren’t there for me
And it breaks my heart that you left me so lonely

Hope you had a merry Christmas even though you left me here
With a still-wrapped copy of Love Actually and a sixer of your favorite beer
Maybe next year you’ll change your mind; I don’t care if you’re naughty or nice
I need you here, so baby won’t you meet me

Under the mistletoe, where I waited all alone
Please don’t be so cold, just come home for Christmas
Under the mistletoe, I can’t bear to lose the hope
That kept me there as it snowed this Christmas

Under the mistletoe
As it snowed, as it snowed down on me


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