The Atom Age – The Atom Age EP

The Atom Age EPThe Atom Age give away two originals and two covers on a dynamite EP that hits all the right marks.

Released Aug. 20th on Asian Man Records

In my review of The Atom Age’s The Hottest Thing That’s Cool I made a big deal of their similarity to Rocket from the Crypt. That similarity is still there on this free EP (download it here), but the songs are catchier and do more to distinguish the band from their main influence. On this EP you get two originals and two covers. Opener “Too Much Fun” is my favorite track, a mayhem-inducing garage punk number with just enough beach party swagger to call to mind the imagery used in the promo clip below. “Bad Boy Problems” has a wicked bass riff and a cool 6/4 time signature (I had to look that up…I’m musically illiterate, I just know it rocks).

The two cover songs make great use of the band’s saxophone and also some organ. First is a thumping, swinging take on Carl Lester and the Showstoppers’ 1961 R&B number “When You See Me Hurt“. The Atom Age revvs the song up with punk energy and stomping “ooh-aahs” in the verses. Then there’s a rendition of “Little Girl, Little Boy“, a 1968 single by a psychedelically-inclined LA garage rock act called The Odyssey. Again The Atom Age speeds things up on their take, with the sax taking the place of the guitar on the voodoo-esque chorus riff.

The EP is great fun and an excellent giveaway from the band. I’ve enjoyed it much more than their prior album, which makes me think the EP format really suits the group. It’s possible to get too much of a good thing, but four rollicking tracks seems to be a perfect dose of The Atom Age. This EP hits  a sweet spot for me that consistently gets me rocking out whenever I spin it.



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