Halloween songs no. 28: The Cramps – “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”

Songs the Lord Taught UsHere’s one more from the Cramps, to go with “Human Fly” and “Zombie Dance“. The Cramps started in ’76 and were led by husband and wife duo Lux Interior (vocals) and Poison Ivy (guitar). Primarily a garage punk group, they’re also recognized for helping give birth to the psychobilly genre, though they never cared for that label nor thought it described their music. In their early years they lacked a bassist, crafting their sound from a dual guitar approach instead. This gave their early records a rather unique, spartan sound that helped set them apart. Their early singles and first album, Songs the Lord Taught Us (1980) were produced by Alex Chilton.

The Cramps put out 8 studio albums and many other releases over a 33 year career, until Lux Interior’s sudden death at age 62 brought an end to the group in 2009.

I was a teenage werewolf
Braces on my fangs
I was a teenage werewolf
And no one even said thanks
And no one made me stop

I ran a two-minute mile
I had to blow my top
In the teen full moon
No one could make me stop
No one could make me stop

A teenage werewolf
A pair of little boys
A teenage girlfriend
Got her a lot of scars
Somebody please make me stop
Oh please

You know, I have puberty rights
And I have puberty wrongs
No one understood me
All my teeth were so long
And no one made me stop

A midwest monster
Of the highest grade
All my teachers thought
That it was growing pains
Oh no no
Somebody stop this pain


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