Halloween songs no. 27: Groovie Ghoulies – “Do the Bat”

Monster ClubYou may recall the Groovie Ghoulies from earlier this month. They were a pop-punk band from Sacramento, active for about 24 years. The band was the vehicle of singer/songwriter Kepi Ghoulie, who at various times also played guitar and/or bass and was the sole constant member through many lineup changes. His wife Roach was the band’s guitarist for many years.

Their music was always fun, heavily Ramones-influenced, and frequently themed around monster and horror movies, but in a kooky/silly rather than scary way. Representative songs include “The King Kong Stomp“, “Running with Bigfoot“, “(She’s My) Vampire Girl“, “The Lizard King” (pitting Jim Morrison against Godzilla), and “The Blob”. They also did many cover songs, their repertoire including numbers by the Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, the Monkees, Kiss, the Partridge Family, 13th Floor Elevators, Love, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, the Boomtown Rats, Super Furry Animals, Chuck Berry, Daniel Johnston, the Ramones, and Chixdiggit!, to name a few. Also a rendition of the Halloween favorite “The Time Warp“.

In 2003 the lineup was Kepi (bass & vocals), Roach (guitar), and Scampi (drums), and they did a “best of” album of re-recorded tracks called Monster Club. It’s a great overview of the band’s catalog and it’s where this version of “Do the Bat” comes from (the original was on the Ghoulies’ 1989 debut full-length Appetite for Adrenochrome). This lineup remained in place until the band broke up in 2007 due to Kepi and Roach’s divorce, just days before the release of their 9th studio album 99 Lives. Kepi has remained active, touring and putting out records as a solo artist.

I took my baby out for bloody marys
And she picked up the check
So I went and picked up my baby
And sank my teeth into her neck

We did the bat
I did it with my baby
I like to drive her crazy
Me and my bloody baby
Flap around and do the bat

Me and my baby learned to do the bat
Upside-down and in the mud
But now we gotta find some brand new partners
‘Cause we both just ran out of blood

Now in my town vampires outnumber humans
About 10 to 1
So grab your friends and bring ’em up to bat
Tell ’em they’ll have lots of fun

And you can bat
And do it with your baby
And you can drive her crazy
You and your bloody baby
Flap around and do the bat


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