Halloween songs no. 25: Gorgeous Frankenstein – “Gorgeous Frankenstein”

Gorgeous FrankensteinI’ve covered where Jerry Only and the Misfits went after the 1990s, now let’s follow his brother. Doyle, who’d taken the stage name Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein during the Misfits relaunch, went on “indefinite hiatus” after the band’s onstage meltdown in 2000. From what I read, it was a combination of tendinitis and going through a divorce that prompted him to leave, and since Jerry continued on without him the hiatus quickly became permanent. He’s since said that an actual Misfits reunion with Glenn Danzig was in the works at the time, but that the deal was skunked by Jerry and his agent. Whether such a reunion was actually a possibility, we may never know. The whole thing has to be pretty awkward, Jerry and Doyle being brothers and all.

During this time Doyle married stripper-turned-pro wrestler Stephanie Bellars, who used the stage name Gorgeous George, and they had a daughter, Boriss. George remained active as an exotic dancer; she liked to dance to heavy metal, and Doyle began writing his own songs to use in her act. Also around this time Doyle reconnected with Glenn Danzig, and any bad blood that may have existed between them from the legal wrangling over the Misfits name must have cleared up, because Doyle was soon touring with him to do sets of classic Misfits songs during Danzig shows.

Glenn liked the material Doyle was writing and suggested he develop it into a new band and put out an album through Glenn’s label, Evilive. Since Doyle had originally written the songs for George to dance to, she became part of the band as an onstage dancer and promoter. The project was named Gorgeous Frankenstein, a combination of their stage names.

Doyle had stayed in touch with drummer Dr. CHUD from their days in Kryst the Conqueror and the Misfits; CHUD had latterly played with ex-Misfits singer Michale Graves in a project simply called “Graves“, and was now fronting his own group, Dr. CHUD’s X-Ward. At his suggestion, Blitzkid bassist Argyle Goolsby, who’d been touring with the X-Ward, joined Gorgeous Frankenstein. A singer was soon found in Landon Blood, whose vocals are very late-period Danzig.

The group’s only album, the eponymously-titled Gorgeous Frankenstein, was produced by Glenn Danzig and came out in 2007. I only just got the album today, and it doesn’t carry much in the way of credits, but I believe Doyle played all the guitar and bass tracks on it while Landon Blood sang and Dr. CHUD played drums. After the album’s recording, Blitzkid drummer Jesco Devilanse was recruited to the band. Glenn Danzig directed their music videos for the title track and “Man or Monster” as well.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss how Gorgeous Frankenstein evolved into the current group, Doyle.

I built an evil monster man
Sown death together with my two hands
I gave him life but now I see
He wants a woman or he’ll kill me

So I select the bodies that I know are so fine
Beautiful women from another time
A gorgeous face, long blonde hair
Fake tits and a feline stare

Build me a monster bride
Bride of Frankenstein
Build me a monster bride
Gorgeous Frankenstein

Stitch by stitch I close her spine
Behold the bride of Frankenstein
Piece by piece she’ll blow your mind
I’ll make her gorgeous, gorgeous Frankenstein

It’s alive and I don’t understand
I can’t give her to this monster man
I gave her life and now I see
She’s everything I dreamed a woman should be

She’s got lightning bolts running through her hair
A sewn-on head but I don’t care
The perfect ass, delicious taste
No whore from hell could ever take her place


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