Halloween songs no. 23: Son of Sam – “The Bleeding”

Into the NightTodd Youth’s stint in Danzig ended soon after the release of Songs from the Earth. Moving to L.A., he started a new hard rock band called The Chelsea Smiles. In late 2007 he got the urge to do another Son of Sam album, but although Steve Zing (who was now in Danzig) was available, Davey Havok was busy with AFI (riding the success of 2006’s Decemberunderground) and London May was tied up with other projects. So Youth enlisted a couple of his Chelsea Smiles bandmates, bringing in drummer Karl Rosqvist (who at the time was also the touring drummer for Danzig) and singer Jonathan Ian Skye Jayne (aka Sky Vaughan-Jayne, who for Son of Sam used the stage name Ian Thorne). Thus a second Son of Sam album, Into the Night, was released in 2008.

I like Into the Night more than Songs from the Earth. Ian Thorne’s crooning just seems to fit the mold of the songs better than Davey Havok’s did, especially considering it’s supposed to be a tribute to Glenn Danzig’s style. I’ve definitely spun Into the Night many more times than I have the first album. I wanted to go with “They Have Risen” as my song choice, since it’s about zombies, but it wasn’t on YouTube or Spotify. “The Bleeding” is more representative of the album’s overall sound anyway.

We are the darkness born of man
A living projection of evil
The blackest thoughts live in my head
So soon you will come to believe

In time you will see
Your blood awakens me

The die is cast, your course is run
And now this altar will bind you
The cloven hoof, the most unclean
So surely tonight you will see

In time you may find
Your soul belongs to me

We have come to let your blood
And I’ve got a taste for violence
The more you bleed, the more I crave

This twisted tongue will taste of flesh
As the life falls from your eyes
Sacrifice in the name of sin
You should have chosen a side

Tonight, baptized
Washed clean by your blood

The son of man can hear your screams
And I’ve come to taste your silence
The more you bleed, the more I crave


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