Halloween songs no. 22: Son of Sam – “Purevil”

Songs from the EarthSon of Sam was a horror punk supergroup that, while not directly related to the Misfits, did have ties to their history. The group originated from a Samhain reunion tour in 1999 promoting a box set of the band’s material. In addition, of course, to Glenn Danzig, the reunion included Steve Zing and London May, both of whom had drummed in Samhain (Zing was a founding member, May his later replacement). For the reunion tour the two alternated between drums and bass. To fill the guitarist spot Glenn tapped Todd Youth, a veteran of the NYC hardcore scene who he’d also recently hired to play in Danzig.

AFI opened for Samhain on the tour, and Youth hit it off with singer Davey Havok, himself a big Samhain/Misfits fan. The tour rekindled Youth’s love of Samhain, and he decided to write an album of Samhain-influenced songs as a sort of tribute to the band. He got Havok to write lyrics and sing, Zing to play bass, and May to drum, and Son of Sam was born; the name was both a reference to the famous serial killer and a nod to the fact that the project was “born” from the Samhain reunion. Their album Songs from the Earth came out in 2001 and featured guest appearances from Ricky Mahler (ex-Circus of Power), Nick 13 (Tiger Army), Joey Castillo (Danzig), Howie Pyro (Danzig), and Glenn Danzig himself.

In an ivory room, against an ivory wall
Is crouched a shadow and I clash
In an ivory room within the ivory walls
There is a crimson stain in the cracks

If this is cleanliness, if this is clean
If this true righteousness is not obscene
Then I am pure

Across a white floor upon the porcelain glow
There lies an animal and it cries
Beneath the white floor, beneath the porcelain glow
Therein a secret lies and it’s black


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