Halloween songs no. 20: Danzig – “Am I Demon”

DanzigOver the next few days I’m going to feature songs from the original Misfits’ post-Misfits projects. I already touched on Samhain and on Project 1950, and in retrospect I should’ve saved those for this week, but moving on…

Glenn Danzig, of course, has had the highest-profile post-Misfits career. After a few albums with Samhain—who had many musicians pass through the ranks, the only constants being Danzig and bassist Eerie Von—he signed with rock superproducer and beard enthusiast Rick Rubin, who wanted to build a supergroup with Glenn as the frontman. Instead, Glenn kept Eerie Von in the fold and grabbed up guitarist John Christ and drummer Chuck Biscuits (ex-D.O.A. and Black Flag). Rubin didn’t want the group to be called Samhain, since he envisioned a new musical direction for them, and Glenn wanted a name that would be wholly his so it wouldn’t matter who else came and went from the lineup. Thus Samhain became Danzig.

There was a time—before Glenn became something of a cartoon caricature of himself, before he was both an internet punching bag and a literal one, before he refused to go onstage or picked fights with photographers—when he really did seem like a scary dude. With Danzig he found a bluesy style of heavy metal that really fit his voice. He sang about demonic possession, about being a killer wolf, about how the gods kill. He wondered in song if he was a demon and warned mothers not to let their children walk his way. He did a solo record of gothic neoclassical music. Those first 3 or 4 Danzig albums are classics of dark metal. After that he’d replace the whole instrument section of the lineup, and later recordings would be uneven and the demonic image less convincing. But there’s just no touching Danzig I.

Hordes of faces, empty eyes, I see nothing new
Seasoned schemes of slimy curs offer up their flu

Am I beast or am I human? Am I just like you?
Power seething, really reeling, reaching out for you

Am I demon?
You need to know

Faces of a million hells rage inside these veins
Pounding out deserved pain to anyone in need

Am I demon?
Need to know

Every world and every limb torn asunder, base
Everything I need is me, everything I am


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