Halloween songs no. 17: Nekromantix – “Trick or Treat”

Return of the Loving DeadCapping off this psychobilly streak is another cut from Nekromantix’ Return of the Loving Dead (2002). Nekromantix have been a fixture in the international psycho scene since starting out in Denmark in ’89. Frontman Kim Nekroman has been the only constant member, with at least 14 other musicians passing through the ranks over the years. Nekroman sets the tone of the band, writing nearly all the songs and being the visual centerpiece with his “coffinbass”. Following the release of this record he relocated from Denmark to L.A., and has been putting out albums through Hellcat Records ever since. Once again, someone set this to a bunch of Disney Halloween clips.

Trick, trick, trick or treat
Open up your door and give me what I need
Thrill, kill, Halloween
I’ll show you something that you’ve never seen

Smiling pumpkins, fake vampire fangs, and paper bats
Tacky spiders, rubber skulls, and plastic sewer rats
I’ve been a serial killer, had a Lucifer costume
Last year I was the Wolfman howling at the moon

Tonight’s my night, oh yes indeed
I don’t want no candy, blood is my treat

Inflatable coffins, homemade masks of Leatherface
Alien candle holders, even little dolls of Norman Bates
I’ve been a killer clown, a scary mummy too
You better watch out, tonight I’m coming to get you

I’m gonna be so cool when I dress up nice
Put on the perfect makeup for my favorite killer disguise

Happy, happy Halloween
Halloween, Halloween
Happy Halloween!


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