Halloween songs no. 16: Guana Batz – “Rockin’ in My Coffin”

Guana Batz - You're So FineAnother British psychobilly act from the Klub Foot scene, Guana Batz formed in 1983. Their early releases used an electric bass rather than the stand-up double bass more typical of the genre. Their debut full-length, 1985’s Held Down to Vinyl at Last, is their most influential contribution to the scene, though they continued to put out records up to the turn of the millennium. Singer Pip Hancox, bassist Johnny Bowler, and drummer John Buck all eventually moved over here to San Diego, where they sometimes perform with Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats under the name Guana Cats.

“Rockin’ in My Coffin” comes from their first EP, 1983’s You’re So Fine.

Well I don’t care about the plans for me
They all fade away in the night, baby
They trouble you, well they don’t trouble me
Because I’ve got a coffin and that suits me

Well I’m a-rockin’ in my coffin, ain’t got no cares
Well I can’t sit down, I ain’t got no chairs
Rockin’ in my coffin, gonna rock away my days
I ain’t got no worries, I ain’t got no cares

Well I’m going to heaven, that I’m sure
And I’ll keep a-rockin’, keep crying for more
Rocking in my coffin, I’ll never get bored
Well I’m crazy, I’m looking for more

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