Halloween songs no. 15: Demented Are Go – “Shadow Crypt”

Demented Are Go - Kicked Out of HellLet’s keep this psycho thing going. Demented Are Go emerged from the early UK psychobilly scene centered around the Klub Foot venue in Hammersmith. Their 1986 debut LP In Sickness & in Health is generally recognized as kicking off the genre’s “second wave”. It really does need to be heard to be believed, with Mark “Sparky” Phillips’ deep, raspy, instantly distinctive voice growling its way through revved-up rockabilly tunes about perverts, necrophilia, drugs, transvestism, nuclear mutants, and all manner of sexual fetishes. The opening cover of “Be-Bop-A-Lula” is truly something to behold.

By ’89’s Kicked Out of Hell the band was mixing up the conventions of psychobilly, moving away from the genre’s rockabilly fixation by experimenting with instruments like the fiddle. This led fans to start thinking of the band as outside the psycho scene, calling them “kings of satanic hellbilly”. Though In Sickness & in Health is definitely the more influential (and better) album, I’ve selected “Shadow Crypt” from Kicked Out of Hell because it best suits my Halloween theme.

Here I am, all alone
In this crypt I lay
I can’t seem to find a light
I cannot find my way

My mind wanders in the shadows
I cannot hear a sound
A zombie screams and a werewolf howls
My world is going down

Who’s that lurking in the shadows?
Who’s that screaming in the night?
Who’s that hiding in the darkness
On this moonlit night?

He walks into a graveyard
He cannot hear a sound
He’s in a trance, his mind possessed
His soul is going down

He fades into the distance
Finds his tomb of rest
He’s got his peace, his sanity
Though his friends knew best

Reached the mist to save him
Afraid I was too late
A banshee wails and a full moon rising
He’s at that devil gate

I’ve heard so many stories
About the evil dead
Now they come and haunt me now
As I lay here in my bed

Listen to these words I say
Then it’s up to you
Don’t go in that cemetery
Or the same will come to you


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