Halloween songs no. 14: Tiger Army – “Incorporeal”

II-Power of MoonliteI’m in a psychobilly mood this week, so here’s one from America’s most prominent psycho act, Tiger Army. They have a lot of Halloween-y songs; I chose “Incorporeal” because it has a video of Nick 13 acting like a ghost. He’s been the only constant member of the band, but their second album Power of Moonlight, from which this song comes, features a lineup with roots in horror punk: Geoff Kresge (ex-AFI) on bass and London May (ex-Samhain) on drums.

I’m dead, I died long ago but my spirit still roams — Incorporeal
Unwanted in heaven, forgotten in hell as on Earth — Incorporeal
I don’t want to stay here, it seems that I’ll never be free
Oh can you hear me? — No

And so it has come to be that I must wander forever — Incorporeal
Many things I have seen, empires that rise and then fall — Incorporeal
A life you live long is simply a moment to me
A tiny drop of water in the sea of eternity

There’s no place for me, everywhere that I go
Only seems to bring upset and harm
There’s one thing that I want and one thing only:
Release into the great beyond
Don’t want to remember when I was alive
When I held my true love in my arms
For like you I once was, and like me you shall be

When you feel a chill in the night perhaps it’s me saying hello — Incorporeal
You’re so much like my love though she lived in a long ago time — Incorporeal
I long to see her, for the day when my soul’s laid to rest
The peace that I could not find in life I can’t find in death


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