Halloween songs no. 13: HorrorPops – “HorrorBeach Pt. II”

Kiss Kiss Kill KillHorrorPops are kind of a psychobilly all-star lineup. The core of the group is singer/bassist Patricia Day, her husband Kim Nekroman (of Nekromantix) on guitar, and frequent Nekromantix collaborator “Niedermeier” on drums. At various times the band has also featured Geoff Kresge (Tiger Army, ex-AFI) as well as a pair of go-go dancers who look like they jumped off the pages of Inked. HorrorPops’ music is a bit different from other psychobilly bands, veering more towards new wave and straight-up rockabilly, and they don’t traffic as much in horror movie motifs as many of their genre cohorts do. They’ll use the imagery from time to time, but more as metaphor than direct reference. I’m not sure if the band’s still active since they haven’t put out anything in 5 years.

After wavering between a few of their tracks I settled on “HorrorBeach Pt. II” from their most recent album, Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (2008). It’s an instrumental, which is unusual both for the band and for this theme, but I like its vibe and the video, which features clips from Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961) and Undersea Kingdom (1936).


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