Halloween songs no. 7: Samhain – “Horror Biz”

Samhain - InitiumThough I’m avoiding early Misfits, I can’t do a Halloween music theme without including Glenn Danzig. After all, his post-Misfits band Samhain was named after the Celtic precursor to Halloween. While his Misfits songs had employed a lot of imagery from old horror films, he’d mainly used that as a backdrop to sing about gruesome stuff like murder, rape, and suicide, juxtaposing the supposed-to-be-frightening-but-really-just-kooky imagery of B-grade Hollywood schlock with some actually horrific subject matter. In Samhain the campy stuff was dropped altogether in favor of themes like paganism and the occult, and the music shifted from punk and thrash to a heavier form of deathrock, eventually morphing toward heavy metal.

Still, he couldn’t help revisiting some of his Misfits material with his new act, like this version of “Horror Business” (retitled “Horror Biz”) on Samhain’s 1984 debut Initium. Later albums would see more revised Misfits tunes like “All Hell Breaks Loose” (retitled “All Hell”) on Unholy Passion (1985), “Halloween II” on November-Coming-Fire (1986), and “London Dungeon” on Live ’85–’86 (2001). “Horror Biz” is the most appropriate for this series, though, since it’s based on Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Too much horror business
Driving late at night
Psycho ’88
My bathroom is new (for you)

You don’t go in the bathroom with me

Psycho ’88
12 o’clock, don’t be late
All this horror business
My mirrors are black (for you)

You don’t go in the bathroom with me

With you
I’ll put a knife right in you
I’m warning you
I’ll put a knife right in you
I’m warning you
I’ll put a knife right in you

I’m warning you
Nobody can do what I can do for you

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