Halloween songs no. 5: Nekromantix – “Gargoyles Over Copenhagen”

Return of the Loving DeadThe psychobilly genre is rich with horror-themed bands and songs, none more blatant about it than Nekromantix, with Kim Nekroman rocking his “coffinbass”. This one’s from their 2002 album Return of the Loving Dead.

I’m leaving town, just wanna get away
From the politics and stupid rules and the eternal love war
I life in boredom is a high price to pay
I’m heading in no direction, just away from before

That’s when the sky turned jet black
Eyes are watching from above
And it ain’t bad weather, it’s a gargoyle attack

Gargoyles, yeah yeah yeah
Gargoyles, yeah yeah yeah
Gargoyles, yeah yeah yeah
G-g-g-gargoyles over Copenhagen

I’m trying to escape, I’m on the run
From these hell-sent creatures, they’re all over me
Please help me, someone dial 9-1-1
The invasion has begun, this is the end of humanity

Those years of waiting haven’t been in vain
They’re leaving their observation posts
For the final takeover, they want world domain


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