Halloween songs no. 4: The Creepy Creeps – “Haunted Hop”

Creepy Creeps - Last to LeaveA while back I was at the Cabah. I forget who I was there to see…probably The Night Marchers. There was an opening band playing in the back room by the broken video games & pool tables, but I didn’t know who they were. I was having a beer in the main room and went outside to see what was being sold at the merch table. I hear a crazy racket coming from the back room and try to get a glimpse inside, but there are people packed in the doorway and I can’t really make out what’s going on inside. What I can see is: go-go dancers on mini-stages; guys in goblin masks; other guys in lucha libre masks; a fog machine filling the room; an electric organ mounted inside a miniature coffin.

Turns out this band is the Creepy Creeps, a local group who play a sort of voodoo surf-punk. I’m gonna see them again this Halloween opening for Rocket from the Crypt at the House of Blues, so I decided to search out a couple of their songs. Here’s what I found:

Now you’re going, don’t you ever stop
Now you’re doing the haunted hop

I’ve no feeling in my brain
Maybe I’m crazy, maybe insane


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