Halloween songs no. 1: The Cramps – “Zombie Dance”

Songs the Lord Taught UsOne of my favorite things about October is all the Halloween-themed music. Being a music nerd, I’m always adding tracks to my holiday-themed playlists. 7 years ago (oh man, I didn’t realize it’d been that long…) I did a song-a-day thread on a forum where I put up tunes that got me in the Halloween spirit. I think I also did it on Facebook a few years ago. Anyway, I’m bringing the tradition back this year via this blog. Expect an entry every afternoon, usually in YouTube form for accessibility reasons but some might be via Spotify if I can’t find them on YouTube. Maybe at the end of the month I’ll put them all in a playlist. I’ll generally include the lyrics under “continue reading”.

If you’re expecting that I’ll just post a ton of Misfits songs, I’m gonna try to avoid that. I did a Misfits-themed podcast 2 years ago so you can listen to that if you wanna get your ‘fits fix. That podast is all Glenn Danzig-era Misfits, though, so I’ll definitely be using some later-era Misfits songs here.

I’m going to lead off with The Cramps. There are several songs on their albums Songs the Lord Taught Us and Bad Music for Bad People that are perfect for this list. Expect to see a couple more from them as this theme continues. I chose “Zombie Dance” because today is the 45th anniversary of the release of the original Night of the Living Dead film, and this video is set to clips from a colorized version of it.

At the zombie dance, here’s Ben and Betty
They tap their toes but they don’t get sweaty
They don’t give a damn; they’re done dead already

At the zombie dance, nobody moves
They tap their toes, yeah, wiggle their ears to get in the groove

They do the boogaloo at the zombie hall
They write “born to lose” on zombie restroom walls
The kinda life they choose ain’t really life at all

Everybody calm down, nobody blow their cool
Nobody hang around zombie dancing school
They do the swim face-down in the zombie pool


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