I Don’t Deserve This…

Ever since I was a teenager with angst brewing inside my tiny body, I have loved The Alkaline Trio. Before I ever had a sip of alcohol, I sang every word to these, as Peter so aptly puts it, “alcohol induced love songs”. There hasn’t been a tour I haven’t seen since 2005. And I doubt there ever will be. Seeing them last night for the whatever-th time was as fulfilling and cathartic as the first time. Screaming my face off and soaked in sweat, it felt like falling drunkenly in love all over again. And when Skiba gave props across a sea of fans to Peter wearing his Rocket From The Crypt shirt, I could not have been more proud.

I don’t deserve this sort of reliance, this unconditional acceptance. I have never had a Trio show I didn’t like. Every show I leave feeling slightly depressed though, worried about my next fix. This could be love.


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