Team Venture at SDCC 2012

Photo by Peter Girard

Doc and Jackson at the Venture Bros Panel, 2012.

The Venture Bros panel took place inside the Hilton Bayfront Hotel outside the convention center on Friday morning, 11 am. Lucky for me, I had stayed in the exact same hotel the night before, so I was given the luxury of rolling out of bed at 10:30 and still managing to get a decent seat. I should note that Pete had been there earlier, waited in line for the both of us, and I totally mooched a seat off him.

The panel was Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick just talking at us for about 5 minutes and then answering questions for the next 25. The show is currently in production and hasn’t been on air since 2010, unless you count the Shallow Gravy video special which aired in 2011. If you doubt me, check the history of episodes aired here. The panel audience was full of VB cosplayers and fans, so the show doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum between seasons.

Photo by Peter Girard

Go Team Venture!

Now for the main juicy tidbits! There is a promise of a Halloween special coming up this October. It won’t be the start of the actual season though. They are signed on to do season 5 and 6, with season 5 currently in production and the scripts for season 6 already beginning to be written. They seemed to have season 6 all planned out, but of course offered no spoilers. Which reminds me, why do people always ask spoiler-related questions at panels? Especially ones that are infamous for never giving anything away? It’s a wasted question! Although it does bring up interesting banter in response, such as Doc and Jackson claiming Dr.Girlfriend was killed off screen in a very descriptive, to the point of disturbing, sequence which involved a lot of blood, a dart, and a punctured trachea.

They showed us a reel of storyboards dressed up and edited in Doc Hammer’s unique fashion. The material was ridiculously hilarious, including pop culture references such as Game of Thrones, Clash of the Titans, The Crow and Rocky IV. They also noted that there would be an hour long special between seasons 5 and 6. As for the usual and expected random conversation, Doc briefly talked about his penis before recollecting the interesting and enjoyable experience of sitting on a swing sideways. Jackson and Doc, relieved by our acceptance of just storyboards and sound, joked that perhaps they should just release that and save the money they would use for production on a summer home in the Hamptons. None of us would be invited.


2 responses to “Team Venture at SDCC 2012

  1. Last year there were a lot of people asking questions about what would happen in the next season. Enough that Jackson & Doc eventually started answering in unison: “All questions about the future of our television show will be answered ON OUR TELEVISION SHOW.” It sort of became a meme during the Q&A.

    • I would’ve liked to ask questions like a Myspace questionnaire. “What was the last sandwich you ate?”.

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